This remote has been discontinued by the supplier and is not available for purchase.

Alternative compatible Genuine Merlin remotes: E970M Fob Remote and E950 Premium Remote, these will code and are compatible with the below models. E970M and E950 are in stock and available for purchase at Affordable Openings.

This unique cat paw look remote is the genuine and original transmitter for Merlin series openers:

– MT60, MT600, MT800, MT1000, MT3850, MT5580
– MR600, MR800, MR850
– MGS300/400, MGA300, MGS500/1000
– MasterLift MotorLift ML700, ML750, ML850
– HC100ML, HC300ML, HC400ML, HC500ML and HC600ML and
– LiftMaster model 3800


Please note that advertised price is subject to change without notice